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FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Affordable Cleaning Services

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How much do you charge to shampoo carpets?

Charge depends on room size, stains, and whether or not you have pets. To get the most accurate estimate, it is best to have someone come out and look at what we will encounter. It is always wise to remember when price shopping that there is more to consider than bottom line price. The quality of service is even more important and we guarantee that our quality is top drawer. We also are not above recommending replacement if we feel the cost of cleaning is more than the value of replacement. We will provide a receipt that many landlords require to obtain the return of your deposit.

How much do you charge for move-out cleaning?

Move-out cleaning can vary widely. If the space is relatively clean to start, naturally, it will cost less to clean. What we emphasize is the final product. Our goal is to leave your place in a condition that it will pass inspection of your landlord or future buyer. We also work with our clients to determine the specific cleaning they desire. Some people prefer to have us clean bathrooms and kitchens only. Others want total house/apartment. Still others want us to include carpet shampooing. Even then, there are a wide variety of duties. Ornate ceiling fans and light fixtures can add cost because they are more time consuming to clean. Windows are another variable that we need to consider. Even the style of the window and whether we do inside and tracks only or include outside as well. We prefer doing a visit where we can make notes and then give a more accurate estimate. Phone estimates will usually be higher in order to absorb the unknown.

Do you offer green cleaning?

Yes, if you prefer green cleaning, please let us know in advance. Many, but not all of our normal products are “green”.  Also,  some employees have their “go to” products that may not be not green. We'll have to let them know not to use those.

All Team ACS are fully trained to make sure they are up to date about how to use the products safely.

What kind of products do you use?

We use a wide variety of products, and often have an arsenal for different jobs in order to use the one that will be the most effective. We respect wishes of our clients if they have particular products they want us to use, then we will make sure those are the ones we use.

If we feel we can offer them something that does the job better, we will discuss it with them first. Clients always have the option of providing their own products for the job.

How long will it take you to clean my house?

Hmm-mm…that is a good question! Often the individual can answer that question better than we can. We base our estimates on past experience and averages. We want to do the kind of job you want. It is safe to say that if we are doing a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly cleaning for you, it will take longer to do the first time or two until we have a routine down. We encourage employees to work as quickly as possible; yet doing a thorough cleaning.

How long will it take you to shampoo my carpet?

This varies depending on the number of stains, etc. It is safe to say that it will take an hour per room, but we recommend that you not plan to walk on the area any more than absolutely necessary for 12 to 24 hours after the shampooing.

It is also a good idea to run the vacuum over the carpet again at that time as shampooing often kicks up a lot of stuff from underneath that is visible once the carpet has dried.

Do you have any specials?

The best way to get the best price guaranteed is to Join the Stay Clean Club. This is an exclusive group of our VIP friends who we share tips of the trade with and offer great deals just for joining.

We frequently run public specials too. Check the website or join us on Facebook to find our specials. Also, be sure ask us when booking... But if you're a Stay Clean Club member, you get the lowest possible price to begin with.

How long have you been in business?

ACS-Affordable Cleaning Services has been in business for about 5 years, but our owner, Nicholas Dreeszen, has been in the cleaning and carpet shampooing business for over 10 years.

Can you give me a phone estimate?

Sure, we'd be happy to. But your estimate will be a lot more accurate if we see in person what we will be dealing with.

For example, if we ask a potential client if there house is very dirty, their perception may or may not match what we envision when we say “dirty”.

What if the invoice exceeds the estimate?

Hopefully, trough good communication, there will be no surprises like this. We make every attempt to give a fair estimate and to contact the client during the job if something comes up that will push the cost up.

It can happen though that we encounter something that was not noticed at the time of the estimate. Sometimes an estimate will be given before furnishings are removed, and what is left behind is worse than anticipated.

Again, we make every attempt to anticipate when giving the original estimate, and do our best to discuss problems that arise with the client before tackling something that will inflate the bill excessively.

When do I pay you?

Many clients are unsure of when payment is due. Our typical procedure is to send an invoice via email once the work has been completed. If a client prefers to pay at the time of service, it is preferred that they discuss the charges with the office and place payment in a sealed envelope. If paying by emailed invoice, payment is expected within 2 weeks of service unless otherwise agreed.

Do your employees accept/expect tips?

We have not trained our employees to expect tips. However, we know that they work hard and some display extraordinary customer relations. Tips are always a nice way to appreciate them as we cannot always pay what they really should be worth. We do hope that if one employee working a job is given a tip, it will be understood that it is to be shared by all employees working that particular job.

Do you do background checks on your employees?

Yes, we do. We also appreciate if clients have concerns about a particular employee for any reason that they discuss the matter with us. If needed, disciplinary action will be taken up to and including dismissal from employment.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. If you/your company have specific insurance requirements, we discuss with our agent to make sure we have adequate coverage.

Do you charge by the hour?

No. Those charges may vary depending on the frequency of cleaning and whether or not we have a contract. Cost can vary due to chemicals and equipment required to do the job. Time is a factor, but not the only determinate of cost.

What all services do you offer?

We offer a number of services that are specifically listed on our website from commercial cleaning to residential cleaning to carpet shampooing. We clean offices, homes, vehicles, and yards.

If you have a specific job you are wondering about, do not hesitate to ask us. We've probably cleaned it.

If I sign up for monthly cleaning, can I have the same person come every time?

We make every attempt to schedule the same person to come back to your home for repeat services. It is more efficient for us as they learn a routine and can perform the job better and quicker that way. They get to know you and your likes. You get to know them. We recognize there is a trust relationship that develops and increases your satisfaction.

If you ever do not want someone to return, it is your prerogative to request that as well. Most of the time, we will send 2 people to assure that someone knows the routine in case one individual cannot make the scheduled appointment or leaves our employ for any reason.

Can I get a discount if I refer my friend?

Actually, yes. If your friend books services, you will be given a 10% discount from your next service.

Don't forget to join the Stay Clean Club for the best deals on our services anywhere.

Are there any other ways besides referrals that I can get a discount?

Yes, if you like us on Facebook and write a testimonial for our website, you can earn a 5% discount on your next cleaning service.

Stay tuned to ACS promotions page for discounts for Farm Bureau membership, student discounts, and others.  And be sure you've joined the Stay Clean Club!

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