Hello Friends,

As I sit here enjoying the solitude of my home office, I contemplate the world out there and realize how very fortunate I am to be able to work from home. Not only are many of you experiencing this for the first time, but it may have replaced plans of a much more exciting, anticipated Spring Break

You may be feeling isolated or claustrophobic, especially if your quiet zone is over-run by the kids who were planning to surf the waves instead of the web or TV. There is no doubt we have all been affected by the recent pandemic that has spread around the globe. Whether you are one that is now having to work from home, or still trudging off to the office where nothing is normal, there are things you can do to protect yourself and those around you.

First, we must not take the warnings from the CDC lightly. 

Covid-19 is no joke. Even if you are not in the high-risk category of elderly or immune-compromised individuals, you know and associate with such individuals. We must all do our part to protect them. It starts with limiting trips to the grocery store and other public places. Governor Reynolds has emphasized this by ordering the closure of bars, restaurants (except those for drive-thru or carry out orders), theaters, gyms, and schools, and other public places. 

Next, and of prime importance, we must all practice proper handwashing, wear gloves when appropriate, cover your mouth with your sleeve when you sneeze or cough, and stay home whenever possible. Beyond that, disinfect surfaces in your work and living spaces. Having a clean living and working environment is absolutely imperative in this time and promotes good health. You may say, “but I keep my house/office clean.” 

The next question is, “What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?”

According to the CDC, Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. Cleaning does not kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection. 

Disinfecting refers to using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on the surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

At ACS, cleaning is our business and includes disinfecting. Our employees are self-screening to assure that they are not carrying the virus to clients. They are to report any contact with individuals with the coronavirus or symptoms that could put them in the questionable group.

When you call us for help with your cleaning/disinfecting, we will use whatever products you prefer. That can be any of the well-known products such as Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Microban 23 Hour Sanitizing Spray, or things like isopropyl alcohol (60-70%) and hydrogen peroxide that are more environmentally friendly. These are very effective on hard/nonporous surfaces. For obvious reasons, these would not be a choice for soft surfaces such as carpet and furniture.

For disinfection of hard, nonporous surfaces using hydrogen peroxide, spray or wipe onto the surface, allowing it to remain wet for at LEAST one minute (we at ACS recommend a full 10 minute drying time). For Isopropyl Alcohol, wipe or spray the surface with the alcohol and make sure that it remains wet for at LEAST 30 seconds. For all other disinfectants, follow label directions. 

Simple things you can do:  

  • Clean surfaces thoroughly. Especially doorknobs/handles, phones, remotes, and other touchpoints.
  • Daily wipe these with a disinfectant. (It is important to note vinegar does not kill germs. Although it is a good cleaning and deodorizing product, it does nothing to kill the flu or coronavirus.)
  • Practice proper handwashing and encourage others to do the same.
  • Contain sneezes and coughs with your sleeve.
  • Make sure that foods are prepared with good health habits in mind.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Use your extra time for planning and reflection. 

So, as you contemplate the disruption to your routine and planned activities, know that we at ACS are here to serve you. 

Spring cleaning will be especially important this year to protect you and your family.

Let us help give you peace of mind and protect your health and the health of your loved ones or co-workers. Call ACS to schedule cleaning/disinfecting services. By working together, we will create a better tomorrow.

Stay clean, my friends!

Nicholas Dreeszen,
Owner of Affordable Cleaning Service of Iowa City, and now, in Des Moines.

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What People Say About Us

I discovered ACS years ago when I was doing a walk thru on an apt that a tenant had just moved out of. I found a business card on the kitchen counter, the apt looked fantastic, & thought that it was great that they cleaned carpets too! 

I decided to call them right away bc I was in a jamb to get a couple more apartments cleaned that day before the next move-ins as we only have a 3-day window to get all the apartments ready.

They came to my rescue within hours to finish up on cleaning the rest of my move-outs and even though they were rushed they're always easy to work with & friendly. Their prices are reasonable for the quality job they do.

They can literally clean the entire apt by simply giving them a call/text knowing they'll get back to me right away & get the job done in a timely manner. They now clean all our building hallways & do all of my move-out cleanings.

Penningroth Apartments Ltd.

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for your EXCELLENT customer service.

Several weeks ago, I moved out of a townhouse and ACS was who I called to clean and shampoo carpets. I met the crew when they arrived and was impressed with the professionalism, friendliness, and work ethic.....they were ready to get right to it!

When the rental company questioned the finished job I called ACS in a panic and was assured very calmly that they stand by their work and proceeded to contact the rental company and arrange for a walk through with the company to see what the issues were.

It says a lot about a company that goes above and beyond to provide that kind of customer service. Long story short, I am pleased with the amount I got back from my deposit. On top of that, the cost of the cleaning, pet treatment of carpets, and shampooing carpets was fair and reasonable.

I have already expressed my appreciation for your company to friends and coworkers and will gladly recommend ACS when someone asks if I know of a great cleaning service. Keep up the great work and thanks having my back.

 - A Satisfied Customer

ACS is definitely the go-to-service for a thorough, top-notch clean of your apartment, office, or home.

They are very accommodating and perform an impeccable job, especially in comparison to franchise companies that I have had experience with before in the area.

I called them last-minute, realizing I needed help to accommodate my apartment complex's cleaning requirements in order to assure full refund of my security deposit. Despite being busy, they still managed to help me out with high-quality service. I received my full deposit back, and the place looked spotless.

Paula (Manager) and Nick (Owner) will take care of you and make sure you are fully satisfied with both the quality of the work and pricing.

Seek no further than this local, family-run business for any type of cleaning services. You will be pleased.

 - A University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine Graduate

We learned of ACS-Affordable Cleaning Services through a customer of ours that was also employed by ACS.  Although we already had a shampooing company working for us, we decided to give them a try. 

We have been very satisfied with their services.  Their pricing is great!  They are flexible and willing to work around us.  All of their staff has been great and very professional. 

We love seeing their hard-working employees that bring little things to our attention that we hadn’t even noticed.  Definite attention to detail!  …and our furniture smells GREAT!

Katie @ Rent-a-Center

Affordable Cleaning Services goes above and beyond.

My last move was an abundant success. They were really nice and did more than I’d expected or even asked.

The property before looked even better than new! I’d recommend them to my mother, in fact, I have! My entire family loves them!

~Jaron Varner~

I truly appreciate the fact that you do a follow-up inspection. That's top-notch.

~Cable~ Keystone Property Management

Having three kids, three dogs, and running an in-home daycare has taken a serious toll on our carpets. We had them cleaned tonight by ACS, and I couldn't be happier. They were professional, and quick. Everything was explained to us very thoroughly, and we knew exactly what to expect during and after the cleaning.

The floors look (and smell) great, and we were very pleasantly surprised at how affordable it was, especially considering the size of the area that was cleaned and the cost we were quoted by other companies. We will absolutely be repeat customers. Thank you!

         - Ian Crim 

When my ex-husband was admitted to a nursing home several weeks ago because of a sprained knee and a diagnosis of dementia we were told that he could not live on this own anymore. He was living in the house we bought in 1970 and I divorced him in 1951 and bought my own house.

My daughter lives in Seattle and my son has the Power of Attorney for him. It was in such a mess and I wanted to help my children that I started calling people to come and make some repairs and do some cleaning. Paula came and looked at the bath and 1/2 and gave me a quote of $150 to clean both, which I thought was a good price considering the shape they were in.

She then told me that we could schedule the cleaning but that we should talk to our Realtor first because someone might buy it as is. We signed a contract with a Real Estate Firm on Thursday and the Realtor told us to go ahead and spend the money to clean the bathrooms, I then call Paula and we arranged for a date to have a crew come and clean.

That very night my son called and said the Realtor had an "as is" buyer so he told me to cancel all the businesses that were scheduled to come because we didn't have to spend this money. I called Paula the next day and she very understanding.

The reason that I called your company in the first place was that I called a cleaning company that advertises a lot on TV and talk with them and they said they only clean in case of fire or water damage. I didn't know where to call and asked her if she knew a company that she would recommend. She was not allowed to give recommendations but she did say that she had heard very good things about ACS.

I am so happy with the way your company treated me I would recommend them to anyone.

Suzanne Koury | April 2015



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