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Are you busy?  Hey, it’s the 21st Century... Of course you're busy.

Affordable Cleaning Services is an Iowa Cleaning Service. ACS is owned by Iowans serving Iowans.

We love to clean so you don’t have to. Imagine what will you do with more free time to spend with your family and friends. Maybe you'd spend less time arguing over chores?

Every person’s situation is unique. We'll work together with you to customize our cleaning services to match your Business or Home’s requirements. We're more affordable than you think.

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Our goal is to ease our clients’ mind and free up their time by providing cleaning services that allow them to pursue those things most important to them.

Living and working in a healthy, clean environment allows our customers to utilize their skills and talents in the areas they were meant for, while we provide them with a clean, organized, functional environment.

Honesty, dependability, and respect for our clients, our vendors, and our employees are foremost in our company values.

Affordable Cleaning Services Mission Statement

Comment Love for Affordable Cleaning Servies

I discovered ACS years ago when I was doing a walk thru on an apt that a tenant had just moved out of. I found a business card on the kitchen counter, the apt looked fantastic, & thought that it was great that they cleaned carpets too! 

I decided to call them right away bc I was in a jamb to get a couple more apts cleaned that day before the next move-in's as we only have a 3-day window to get all the apts ready.

They came to my rescue within hours to finish up on cleaning the rest of my move-outs and even though they were rushed they're always easy to work with & friendly. There prices are reasonable for the quality job they do.

They can literally clean the entire apt by simply giving them a call/text knowing they'll get back to me right away & get the job done in a timely manner. They now clean all our building hallways & do all of my move-out cleanings.

Penningroth Apartments Ltd.

Residential Cleaning

A clean home isn’t just about how it appears on the surface.  A clean house

  • lowers the chance of illness, especially for children and older adults
  • reduces problems with allergies, asthma and other chronic diseases
  • makes everyone feel better about living there

It’s also about your money. For most people, a home is their biggest investment.

Commercial Cleaning

Creating good impressions on visitors and clients is vital for any business. The kinds of cleaning services that you use to keep your premises in great condition has a big impact the feeling your business creates for your customers and clients.

We have years of experience of helping our customers focus on their business by taking cleaning off their mind.

Property Manager Services

If you’re a landlord of one apartment house or you’re responsible for many, ACS can restore your peace of mind when it comes to cleaning those spaces you’re responsible for.

We offer many specialized services especially tailored for your needs.