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ACS offers both Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning Services.
We do a great job on all your hard surfaced floors too.

There’s never a wrong time to rejuvenate your home or business with a thorough cleaning.  Affordable Cleaning Services reminds you that a scheduled cleaning strategy is good for your health because it improves the indoor air quality of your spaces.

Research shows more than eight out of ten homeowners feel their family’s health is directly related to how clean their floors are. The survey results also discredit a long-standing misconception that carpet is not good at minimizing conditions that aggravate allergies.

The fact is scientific studies prove carpet is better at trapping allergens by keeping them from becoming airborne inside the home, but only with regular, and proper cleaning.

Use These 9 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Your Home and Business:

    • Vacuum Frequently
    • Clean Carpets Often
    • Keep Sidewalks and Entrances Clean
    • Use Mats to Trap Soil at All Points of Entry
    • Buy and Use High Quality Vacuum Cleaners
    • Clean Other Soft Surfaces; Drapes, Upholstery, Etc. Often
    • Use High Efficiency Vacuum Filter Bags
    • Change Furnace Filters Regularly
    • Control the Humidity  Satisfaction Guaranteed Seal