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Tips For Gum Removal

It has happened to all of us… we’re just minding our own business and BAM! We find gum. It gets stuck on the bottom of our shoes, on blankets and clothes, on furniture, and in carpets. Luckily for you, ACS here to save the day! We’ve gathered several tips and tricks on how to safely…

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Sanitizing Your Sponges

I have thrown out hundreds of sponges because they have gotten nasty and moldy. They sit around and collect bacteria that deposits onto your dishes. No one wants that. Taking a few simple steps can extend the life of your sponges. Keeping them bacteria free and smelling great. Squeeze Them Out!! Getting as much water…

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Keeping Your Carpet And Upholstery Fresh Between Cleanings

One of the biggest cleaning offenders in the home is dust. You can’t see it, until it settles all over the place. You can spend your days walking your home like a french maid with a feather duster keeping your surfaces clean, but what you don’t see is the dust and dirt that settles into…

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How To Make A Cleaning Schedule That Works

girl with brush

Maybe you have a hard time keeping your home clean. I did. I never used a cleaning schedule. The big things things got done, but overall, my home stayed dirtier than I felt comfortable with. I tried several strategies to attack the dirt, but none of them ever worked out for my family. Determined to…

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Tips For Homemade Natural Cleaners


Here’s How You Can Make 67 Homemade Natural Cleaners at Home. Everyone loves a product that works great, but no one likes the overpowering smell that comes along with many store bought chemical cleaners. Thanks to Erin O. for writing this post for the website, Keeper Of The Home.   Erin makes an important point in…

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